A few people have commented that the extent of government-sanctioned corruption described in my thriller novel, “The Synod”, is hard to believe. They are naive, but admittedly, although the novel is inspired by real life and is meant to be educational, ultimately it is fiction designed to be entertaining. In contrast, the corruption and ties between politics, big money and the “deep state” are completely real. The most intricate plots of fiction can no longer compete against the political animals who inhabit America’s DC swamp. Over the last few days, for example, several political bombshells have made America look like a banana republic, with Russian President Putin outwitting both Republicans and Democrats, playing their greed and stupidity to his advantage at every turn.

We still don’t know, exactly, how Trump allegedly “colluded” with Russia. All we have are claims to that effect which come from the media, Democratic party politicians and deep state persons, deeply hostile to Trump. The so-called “Special Prosecutor”, Robert Mueller, has just made a huge impact on the airwaves via the likes of CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC. But, the only thing he has accomplished is the filing of tax evasion charges against a former Trump campaign manager, Paul Manafort and his protege. The charges arise out of work for the former Ukrainian government, performed many years ago, and has nothing remotely to do with the 2016 election that he is supposed to investigate. Another man was charged and pled guilty to lying to the FBI because he mixed up the dates on which he spoke to a Russian national during his interview by FBI investigators.

If the verbiage surrounding the indictment of Paul Manafort and his protege are accurate, they may be tax cheats. The other man may have a bad memory, or he may be a liar. We really don’t know. But, none of it has anything to do with collusion between Trump and the Russians. Mostly, it seems that the announcement of indictments is timed to offset the disclosure of the big scandal involving the Clinton campaign, the Democratic Party National Committee (DNC) and the FBI, last week. We just learned that, contrary to the media narrative, those three players were the ones who colluded with Russia to interfere with the 2016 election. All three transferred hefty sums of money to Russian government agents. The money was paid in pursuit of a failed effort to deny Trump the Presidency. Now, conveniently, no one seems to know who authorized the payments.

It turns out that the money given by the Clintons and the DNC was transferred in a manner that directly violates federal election law. That’s because it was laundered through their lawyers at “Perkins Coie”. Election law requires all money payments to be accurately, specifically and individually accounted for. Instead, campaign records show that the Clinton campaign simply paid the law firm $5.6 million in “legal fees” from June 2015 to December 2016. Similarly, the DNC paid the same law firm $3.6 million for so-called “legal and compliance consulting” going back to November 2015. We know that part of the “legal fees” were diverted but we don’t know the percentage used to pay for the so-called “Steele dossier.” None of this would have been disclosed, of course, but for the fact that Republicans in the House of Representatives recently subpoenaed bank records.

Upon being informed of the dossier, in spite of the fact that it was compiled as a result of collusion between the Democrats and Russian operatives, the FBI did not file charges against Hillary Clinton and/or the responsible persons at the DNC. Instead, it agreed to pay $50,000 of taxpayer money to “continue work on the dossier”, thereby becoming complicit in the scam. According to CNN, the $50,000 was never paid. Unspecified sums of cash were paid to offset “expenses”. The primary “expense”, of course, in putting together a dossier like this would be payments to Russians to release “information”. In other words, the FBI paid Kremlin-connected businessmen and Russian agents involved in an intricate plan designed to dupe American voters. The expense payments must have been huge, because the Bureau refuses to disclose how much it paid.

Vladimir Putin and Oleg Deripaska at APEC Summit, November 2006. (Photo: President of the Russian Federation/Wikipedia Commons/

To understand how and why the FBI ended up bankrolling Vladimir Putin, let’s examine how the arrangement came about. A company named “Fusion GPS” was originally hired by the Washington Examiner, a conservative newspaper that supported Marco Rubio for President. Its job was to dig up dirt on Donald Trump. Very little came of it. After Trump became the presumed Republican nominee, the firm was hired by the Democrats. It received wads of cash from Hillary Clinton’s campaign the DNC, via their lawyer, and used that cash to hire a former British spy, Christopher Steele. Steele reputedly had ties to Russian intelligence agents, and made contact with people to gather information.

One of the primary suppliers of information was a man by the name of Oleg Deripaska, a Belarussian oligarch, closely connected to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin. In the past, Deripaska had been denied a US visa because of alleged ties to the Russian mafia. However, as NBC News reports, the Obama administration allowed him to travel freely to, from and within the USA. The change occurred because he was given diplomatic status. The Russian government gave notice that he should be considered one of its “diplomats”. The man is widely considered to be one of President Putin’s “inner circle.”

Apparently, Steele connected with and made payments to various members of the Russian intelligence services. In exchange for the money, the Russian spies supplied shocking allegations concerning Donald Trump. Mr. Steele knitted them together into a report now known as the infamous “Steele dossier.” Among other things, according to the dossier, Russia has secret information about Trump’s alleged dalliances with prostitutes. Supposedly, a video has been stored in Russian intelligence archives, which show President Trump asking prostitutes to pee on a bed once slept in by former President Barack Obama.

Let us remember that a person who releases state secrets in exchange for cash commits treason. That is as true in Russia as it is in America. Perhaps, even more so. Yet, there is no evidence that Deripaska or any Kremlin connected intelligence agent has ever been put on trial, jailed or otherwise punished for releasing this alleged “secret” information about Trump. The information, therefore, is fake. If it wasn’t, Deripaska and a lot of Russian spies would no longer have their heads by now. Logic tells us that the information was prepared and approved at the highest level. The false and salacious allegations were intentionally published by the Kremlin for the purpose of impugning Trump.

Fusion GPS is no stranger to cloak and dagger politics. It has done a lot of other work for the Russian Federation. For example, the company worked closely with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. It was retained by the international law firm, Baker Hostetler, which was representing a Russian owned company known as Prevezon, The company, owned by Russian oligarch, Denis Katsyv, the son of Kremlin connected politician, is technically registered in Cyprus. That island nation is a favorite corporate registration and money laundering spot for Russian nationals.

Prevezon defended itself against allegations, made by the US Justice Department, that the company laundered money and property stolen in a fraud scheme uncovered by a murdered Russian lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky. His death, under highly suspicious circumstances, led the US Congress to pass the Magnitsky Act, effectively a sanctions measure against Russia. Ms. Veselnitskaya has been active in arguing against the Magnitsky Act. Pyotr Katsyv, the business owner’s father, was Vice Premier and Minister of Transport of the Moscow region from 2004 to 2012. His deputy minister was Alexander Mitusov, who was Ms. Veselnitskaya’s ex-husband. That’s how the case came to her law firm.

Fusion GPS started working for Prevezon in 2013 and only ended its work in May of 2017. At that time, the case was finally settled for a payment of several million dollars to the US government. Interestingly, the same Ms. Veselnitskaya visited Trump Tower on June 8, 2016, in the midst of the American presidential campaign. Emails indicate that she promised to bring dirt on Hillary Clinton, although she didn’t do so, and now denies having ever promised it. The Russian lawyer’s visit expanded into a new scandal embroiling Donald Trump, Jr., the President’s son.

Oddly, this same woman can be seen on a video, sitting next to the Ambassador Michael McFaul, a man appointed by former President Obama as Ambassador to Russia as he testifies before the US Congress. The video is from a Foreign Affairs Committee hearing on Russia and Ukraine on June 14, 2016. That was just 5 days after she met with Donald Trump Jr.! 

The Steele dossier was eventually delivered to Obama’s FBI Director, James Comey, by Senator John McCain. Neither the Senator nor the FBI Director seem to have had any problem with the report being a result of collusion with and payments to Russian intelligence and businessmen tightly affiliated with the Kremlin. Neither seems to have been clever enough to question Fusion GPS’ tight Russian connections. Instead of launching an investigation into collusion by the Clinton campaign and DNC, for the purpose of denying the Presidency to the opposition, the FBI chose to throw in tens of thousands (or more) of the taxpayers’ money to continue the work!

It is said that further payments were abandoned after the dossier became public. By that time, Mr. Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen, who stood accused in the dossier of meeting and conspiring with Russian agents in Prague, used his passport to prove it was a lie. In spite of that, the bureau used the discredited dossier to get a court order approving surveillance on Trump campaign associates. It knowingly and intentionally used the fruit of the poisoned tree to justify the start of spying operations against political opponents of the sitting President, during a Presidential election. That is something that has never happened in the American Republic before this!

According to Senator Charles Grassley (R. Iowa):

“The idea that the FBI and associates of the Clinton campaign would pay Mr. Steele to investigate the Republican nominee for president in the run-up to the election raises further questions about the FBI’s independence from politics, as well as the Obama administration’s use of law enforcement and intelligence agencies for political ends.”

That is true. However, one big question remains…

The position, power and influence of the United States means that virtually everyone in the world ends up with a preference in its Presidential election. Russian President Putin was no different. He seems to have preferred Trump. Why, then, would he order his spies to spread lies that might have harmed his preferred candidate? The answer is simple. Mr. Putin is a disciplined man. He does not allow his own prejudices and preferences to interfere with his statesmanship. From Russia’s standpoint, it didn’t matter who won. The aim of Machiavellian statesmanship is not to satisfy one’s transient feelings about other leaders, but to weaken opposing nations. It doesn’t matter if you like them or not. If they are opponents you weaken them.

It wasn’t hard for Putin’s men to prove that Clinton is corrupt. All he had to do was order his hacking team to intercept a small sample of internal communications. He showed the American people that Hillary Clinton stole the Democratic party nomination from Bernie Sanders. He also showed that, contrary to her claim to support the rights of average folks, she is bought and paid for by Wall Street banks. Attacking Trump was more difficult. It required creation of fake information. However, as we have seen, this was accomplished efficiently.

The United States opposes Russia in many areas around the world. By covertly attacking both of its major party candidates, Putin sowed internal dissension, as recommended both by Machiavelli and by Sun Tsu in the ancient classic, “The Art of War“. In fact, to understand Putin, it is worth reading the book. The Kindle edition can be downloaded for free here. The end goal in both cases was the same – to undermine American unity and faith in the system, and to suppress acceptance and support for the next American President.

After Trump was elected, Russian attempts to sow dissension inside the USA continued. For example, the New York Daily News reported on November 12, 2016, that a crowd of over 5,000 people gathered in Union Square in New York City around noon, their ranks rapidly growing and spilling out of the park. They were all protesting against the newly elected President of the United States, Donald Trump. What the New York Daily New failed to report was that protest was organized by “BlackMattersUS”, a front group funded by Russia, using its Facebook page. On October 17, 2017, ABC News reported that the group had been tied by Congressional investigators to the Kremlin. Today, The Hill reported that the protest was organized by Russia through the use of Facebook, where the event was shared with 61,000 users, with 16,000 promising to attend.

From a Machiavellian standpoint (Putin’s point of view), by mounting covert attacks against both sides of the US election, Russia’s hand would be strengthened no matter who won the American election. It is important, therefore, to get to the bottom of Russia’s involvement, not only in the 2016 election but in the dissemination of propaganda in the USA in general. Unfortunately, our “intelligence services” seem to have been played for unwitting fools. With the help of America’s deep state, including the FBI, Putin’s plan to disrupt America has succeeded.

We need someone who can run the Russia investigation free of any conflicts of interest and who is smart enough to navigate around Putin’s schemes. He must concentrate on finding out exactly which front groups are Russian controlled, rather than concentrating on making headlines by issuing indictments against American citizens. But, he must also be just as ready to file charges against persons in the Clinton campaign, the DNC, and workers at the FBI itself, when appropriate, as against people who worked for Trump. Mr. Mueller is clearly not the correct man for this job.

I cannot think of any better description of why other than the one recently given by the Wall Street Journal which aptly pointed out:

“All of this also raises questions about Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. The Fusion news means the FBI’s role in Russia’s election interference must now be investigated—even as the FBI and Justice insist that Mr. Mueller’s probe prevents them from cooperating with Congressional investigators.

Mr. Mueller is a former FBI director, and for years he worked closely with Mr. Comey. It is no slur against Mr. Mueller’s integrity to say that he lacks the critical distance to conduct a credible probe of the bureau he ran for a dozen years. He could best serve the country by resigning to prevent further political turmoil over that conflict of interest.”


Buy Synod“It moves fast, kind of like Robert Ludlum’s “Jason Bourne” trilogy…”

–  Josh Pullman –





The Synod is a conspiracy of 8 large international banks who seek to control gold, stock, bond and commodity markets all over the world. Jack Severs runs for his life when he learns too much, as the most sophisticated surveillance system ever built is deployed to track him down. As the ever-tightening noose closes, he struggles to uncover evidence to save himself and his world from collapsing! An exciting, fictional, fun and educational thriller about the banking cartel. Learn about the methods used to manage the price of gold and every other market on the planet, and how this affects business, politics and daily life in both the fictional and real worlds.


JP Morgan Silver Manipulation Lawsuit Revived By Appeals Court!

On June 29, 2016, US District Court Judge Paul Engelmayer dismissed a lawsuit against JP Morgan Chase & Co. which alleged that the bank had engaged in extensive manipulation of the price of silver, in violation of both state and federal  antitrust laws. The plaintiffs appealed. On February 1, 2017, the US Appeals Court for the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals held that their complaint contained sufficient factual matter, accepted as true, to state a claim to relief that is plausible on its face. This reverses the lower court and revives the lawsuit.

In other words, JP Morgan is now back on the “hot seat”. The most important result of this important decision is that the bank will be forced to face the process of “discovery”. Lawyers have a number of tools with which to ferret out the truth. JPM will face interrogatories, subpoenas, depositions and requests for documents. That means internal documents will be pried open.

Is JP Morgan the sole entity responsible for silver price manipulation? We don’t know that. Furthermore, our system of law and justice tells us that everyone, even mega corporations, are innocent until proven guilty. That having been said, the evidence that both the gold and silver market is being heavily manipulated is very strong.  A lot of fingers have pointed to JP Morgan but, in my view, much more than one bank is responsible. There are a number of other banks that are already being sued in other lawsuits.

The results of discovery may further implicate other banks and brokerage houses. It could make it possible to extract trading information from the Commodities Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), which improperly closed its own investigation of silver trading. The same issues are now being investigated by private sector lawyers who have no interest in cashing in on the possibility of future employment with the bank.  Maybe, this will help to drain the swamp.
You can read the appellate court decision, in its entirety, by clicking the link below.

Buy Synod“It moves fast, kind of like Robert Ludlum’s “Jason Bourne” trilogy…”

–  Josh Pullman –





The Synod is a conspiracy of 8 large international banks who seek to control gold, stock, bond and commodity markets all over the world. Jack Severs runs for his life when he learns too much, as the most sophisticated surveillance system ever built is deployed to track him down. As the ever-tightening noose closes, he struggles to uncover evidence to save himself and his world from collapsing! An exciting, fictional, fun and educational thriller about the banking cartel. Learn about the methods used to manage the price of gold and every other market on the planet, and how this affects business, politics and daily life in both the fictional and real worlds.