Watch The Shocking Iranian Video That Shows Donald Trump Right And America’s Mainstream Media Wrong!

Some days ago, Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, claimed to have seen a video, made by the Iranian government, that showed a ransom payment made by the American government. That sparked denials by the Obama administration as well as the President himself. It also sparked hit pieces against Trump by the mainstream media.

Just a few days ago, in fact, the Washington Post was running attack pieces against Trump, seeking to raise questions about his credibility. In a series of articles, like this one, the Post wrote that there was no evidence to support Trump’s claim. The New York Times piled on with the headline “Trump’s Iranian Propaganda Video a Concoction”.  Similar hit pieces were aired by CNN, Bloomberg, MSNBC, CBS, ABC. The entire Hillary Clinton-allied media, which comprises perhaps 95% of the mainstream media, simply went wild attacking Trump.

In fact, the hit pieces were so pervasive that, apparently, Trump began to doubt his own eyes. In a rare move, he withdrew the claim!  Now, however, there is video proof that the $1.7 billion dollars was ransom in exchange for hostages. Ironically, only one day after Trump backtracked, a team of investigative journalists at the BBC uncovered the very video he’d seen!

It is a documentary produced by the Iranian government entitled “The Rules of the Game.” In it, Iran brags about forcing the Obama administration to pay money before it would agree to release American hostages. The video was intended for internal Iranian consumption. It was never meant for western consumption, and certainly not by citizens of the USA. That’s why it’s entirely in the Farsi language.

I have appended a partial transcript of the English translation. In the interest of brevity, I have only attached the most important portions of the transcript, underneath the video itself.  I’ve also included a hyperlink to the full transcript so that anyone who wants to do so may read it in its entirety.

President Obama touted the release of hostages as a magnificent diplomatic achievement and a token of good will on the part of Iran, and gone on record claiming that “no ransom was paid, in spite of the fact that the payment was simultaneous with the hostage release. Listen to Obama here, as he denies the quid pro quo between the money and the release of hostages. He keeps a straight face throughout. Either the Iranians viewed the transaction very differently than the Americans, or he doesn’t know what the people who work for him are doing.

The video speaks for itself. It appears that Obama’s negotiating team were naive enough to confide in the Iranians their hesitancy to pay the ransom arose out of fear that it would be used by Republicans to attack Democrats.  Note the photo of one of the big pallets of cash that Trump described appears at 11:09 on the video.

Partial Transcript of the Iranian Farsi-language documentary video:

“…But this was not the Americans’ only worry. The Iranians had a costly proposal for the swap: the release of seven Iranians imprisoned in America, 1.7 billion dollars, and clearance of the names of 16 Iranians who, on the pretext of violating oppressive sanctions, had been placed on a list of those facing criminal prosecution in America. But this was not all that Iran wanted. The removal of Bank Sepah from the sanctions list was also added to Iran’s demands. All of this in exchange for the freedom of only four American nationals: a win-lose transaction in favor of the Islamic Republic of Iran and to the detriment of the American government. The Democrats’ worries were primarily that Obama’s electoral rivals, in the days leading up to the presidential elections, would hammer current government officials with the details of this transaction, using legal arguments, just as happened to Carter. An outcome that, as predicted, came to pass…

“…A member of the American Congress has asked the country’s Secretary of State to explain the payment of $1.7 billion to Iran at the same time as the prisoner exchange between the two countries. Ed Royce, the Republican Chairman of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, in a letter to John Kerry wrote that the timing of the payment to Iran and the failure to inform Congress about it, made some worry that this sum was, in effect, ransom to Iran. Two weeks ago, the United States paid this amount to Iran to cover a principal sum of $400 million in Iranian property plus interest that had been frozen in the United States thirty five years ago.

“Another disturbing truth for America’s diplomatic apparatus is that this great victory was credited to the Revolutionary Guards, the Supreme National Security Council, and the security services of the Islamic Republic of Iran, and not to an American diplomatic success upon the implementation of the JPCOA…”

”…The story of the money sought by Iran goes back to the beginning of the victory of the Islamic Revolution. America blocked $400 million in Iranian assets that were to be delivered to Iran as military shipments. Now, in this exchange, the Iranians demand the entire $400 million in addition to $1.3 billion in deferred interest…”

If you want to read the rest of the transcript you can do it here.

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